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The name Team of Horses was derived from two sources. The first is the title of a painting by Arthur Dove (1880-1946) who is considered to be the first recognized abstract painter in the US. The second speaks to the people and work ethic behind the team itself. Our Team represents leadership, ability, and strength of character in our field.

TOH supports businesses with essential website management, services, and web tech support. We act as the webmaster of record for most of our clients but can also provide support to in-house web teams as well as marketing/advertising agencies. We perform services based on the hour, the project or as an ongoing program.

Web Tech services also include (by hourly or project rate):

  • Technical Help – review hosting, server software, website software for security issues
  • Troubleshooting – Diagnose & repair issues with your website functionality
  • Help with analytics and reporting
  • Install & configure Google Tag Manager for tracking codes, pixels and miscellaneous scripts
  • Retrofit existing websites for accessibility & ADA compliance
  • Retrofit existing WordPress websites with premium backup & restore solutions, security software, and other plugins

We’re a highly experienced website production and management team that has worked on hundreds of successful projects together. We have developed a specialized onboarding and process that guarantees businesses get exactly what they want. Our efficiency translates to better overall quality and value for our customers when compared to our leading competitors.

There is no better company than TOH to build a performance website. Each member of TOH has extensive hands-on management experience with all facets of SEO, PPC & reporting. We possess an arsenal of tools and knowledge to help our clients launch their websites in true market-ready form.

Our target clients are established businesses and organizations that want assurance that their projects will go exactly as planned and that they are getting the best information & support possible.

  • A team helping you to make the right decisions for your project
  • An efficient process that limits mistakes and helps make the right decisions from the start
  • All work performed to a high professional standard
  • High-quality coding and programming
  • Help and guidance in choosing the right messaging, content and art to represent your business
  • An easy and enjoyable experience
  • Great ongoing web tech support

Depending on your needs, we will require some or all of the following access:

  • Hosting account
  • PhpMyAdmin or other database access
  • DNS records
  • Administrative CMS account

We have experience working with many different website platforms. In cases like this, we will do a quick evaluation of the backend / CMS of your website in order to determine how we can help.

Yes – we can. Cleaning up the front-end of the site is only one part. We also identify the cause of the problem and advise you as to how to fix it so that it doesn’t happen again. Hacked websites are usually caused by outdated website software or server software – the best protection is usually ensuring that both are kept up to date based on current standards.

No – we do not. We recommend expert third-party hosting providers to host our clients’ websites. If a new hosting provider is needed, we will advise you in choosing one and help you select and setup the right account for your website’s needs.

There are several ways to host a website. Our recommendation is to pay a third-party hosting company a monthly (or annual) fee to host your website. That company maintains the servers and software, which limits your commitment to expensive hardware, server administrators, and maintaining software licenses.

There are three components to be aware of:

  • Domain Name Registrar – create an account and pay for (register) use of a domain name of your choice (e.g. – the cost is typically $20-$30 per year unless it is a “premium domain”. This is an annual fee, but most registrars allow you to pay for multiple years in advance for a discounted price.
  • Hosting – create an account with a third-party hosting company (TOH will provide recommendations depending upon your needs). These are typically priced by the month and many hosts offer discounts for annual payments. Many hosting companies also allow you to register your domain name through them, which can be convenient for keeping all of your technical assets in one place.
  • DNS (Domain Name Servers) – these control how your domain is used and accessed by your website, email addresses, and sometimes additional functions. This may be controlled within the same account where your domain is registered, within your hosting account, or at a separate third party. We typically recommend that DNS resides with your hosting – this can minimize downtime in the event that your hosting company needs to make technical changes to your hosting configuration.

That may sound like a lot to take in – the good news is, we understand exactly how it all works and can help you navigate the hosting setup and management process.

Access to appropriate accounts such as your current hosting company account, domain name registrar, DNS, Google account, and any other account that is required to complete integration of statistics, marketing efforts, customer management, or any other functionality you require.

Our relationships with our clients are collaborative and we rely on open communication to keep projects on track. We will provide you with leadership and recommendations to help you end up with the best website for your business.

  • These are the type of costs associated with building and maintaining a website:
  • Website design & programming
  • Domain name registration (annual)
  • Hosting account for your website and email accounts (annual)
  • Software licensing for premium plugins & extensions (annual)
  • Resources for making changes to the website (either internal or outsourced webmaster)
  • Resources for software maintenance (either internal or outsourced webmaster)

Modern websites require regular maintenance to maintain peak working condition- including ensuring that your hosting hardware and software is maintained and kept up to date, as well as keeping your website software up to date as new versions and patches are released by their developers.

Keeping your website & server software up to date will help protect your website from being hacked or infected with malware. You decide if you want to handle this in-house or outsource it to a professional webmaster.

WordPress can be a great choice for small business websites because it can be easy to manage, update, and expand based on the needs of the business and its customers.

WordPress is the most popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. The core code is constantly being updated and enhanced by a global team for new and improved functionality, security, and accessibility. There are tens of thousands of plugins available to extend the base functionality – the possibilities are endless and the software is constantly evolving and getting better.

We install and configure several well supported plugins as part of nearly every website we build. If additional plugins are needed, they can be included in your project contract. All items marked with * are part of our Premium WordPress Software Package – a package of premium plugins licensed through TOH at a discounted price.

  • Astra Pro or Hello Theme + Ultimate Addons for Elementor*
  • BackupBuddy*
  • Classic Editor (free)
  • Elementor Pro*
  • GA Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager for WordPress (free)
  • Gravity Forms*
  • iThemes Security Pro*
  • Redirection (free)
  • Yoast SEO (free version – optional upgrade to Pro)

Optional or alternatives:

  • Akismet (spam prevention – paid subscription)
  • FooGallery + Foobox (photo galleries and lightbox – free and Pro versions)
  • Slider Revolution (advanced slider – paid version)
  • BlogVault (or similar remote backup solution – paid subscription)
  • Relevanssi (free version – optional upgrade to Pro)

We will include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Search Console verification as part of any project. You will need to provide us with the necessary access to be able to set these up and install them in your site (Google account access, Facebook account access). If there are other tracking codes or systems that you use and would like integrated into the site, we recommend that you discuss them during the onboarding phase to ensure that we are able to accommodate in a timely fashion.

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