What is VaultPress for WordPress?

UPDATE (9/30/20): We recently noticed VaultPress prices have gone up considerably and coupled with a few times their backup failed us, plus the fact that it forces you to install resource-heavy Jetpack, we recommend an alternative solution called BlogVault: https://blogvault.net


Backs up your site and allows you to restore it easily to a previous backup. This plugin requires a subscription to Jetpack and a free WordPress.com account.

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Initial Configuration

Jetpack > VaultPress

If during Jetpack installation and configuration, VaultPress wasn’t automatically configured and initiated, get the registration key, enter it on the VaultPress configuration page and hit the Register button. Soon, VaultPress will start to back up the site files and database to its remote server.

  1. Click Visit Dashboard in the top right corner for more options. Make sure you are logged into your WordPress.com account.
  2. Click Settings, then add either SSHSFTP or FTP settings to make one-click restores possible.


Backups are automatic.

To see more options, click Visit Dashboard in the top right corner. Make sure you are logged into your WordPress.com account.

  • Backups: see a list of stored backups with the option to download or restore them.
  • Activity: a log of backup activity.
  • Stats: total number of posts, pages, comments, and uploads created per day.
  • Settings: give other users access to backups; you can also add FTP connections for faster and more efficient backups.

For a one-click restore of a backup, follow these instructions: https://help.vaultpress.com/one-click-restore/.

Need help? Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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