Why You Should Switch To Elementor

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Are you stuck using a clunky page builder to edit your WordPress website? Is your client frustrated when trying to add a simple video to their company page? Whatever the situation, neither of you are probably thrilled with your current page editor. You may have heard about Elementor and perhaps you’re curious if it’s the right choice for you.

Well, it’s time to meet and fall in love.

Elementor is one of several popular WordPress page builders to come along, and we adore it for its powerful yet easy-to-use features. It is arguably the best WordPress page builder and editor we’ve come across.

Let’s start with the fact that Elementor’s creators put a lot of thought into the user experience. When you edit a page with Elementor, you are presented with a main column where the content lies, and a sidebar with a ton of possible widgets you can use. Drag and drop ease is built into the editing process, while inline editing and contextual menus help to make your workflow seamless. The separation of content, layout and style settings help to organize them in intuitive ways. Advanced copy and paste functionality will save you time and frustration, while undo/redo options will save you tears.

Elementor site settings panelFor designers that love branding and consistency, Elementor’s got you covered. They have recently introduced global settings for elements such as color, typography, buttons and forms. It’s akin to having a native style guide that helps editors stay stylistically consistent with little effort. Support for Adobe and Google fonts as well as icon powerhouse Font Awesome gives you the flexibility to design your vision and pixel perfect settings to refine it. It even comes with responsive design settings so the mobile experience is just as wonderful as the desktop.

Developers will love the fact that it can work with almost any theme and even comes with its own unbloated theme called “Hello” which doesn’t get in the way of Elementor’s page builder. Elementor Pro also comes with template functionality so you can customize the header, footer, posts, archives, pretty much any type of page or section you need. It even has conditionals to apply one template over another for specific pages or post types.

Are you a WooCommerce shop owner? Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce Builder can help you break out of the mold with features to help customize the look of your store and improve the overall customer experience. No coding necessary.

Elementor landing page templates

Marketers have a reason (or ten) to celebrate, too. Elementor Pro comes with landing page templates to give you a big jump on designing professional pages that convert. It also has an advanced form widget and a truly powerful popup builder. Round that out with some innovative social marketing widgets, and you’ll see why Elementor is a marketer’s dream.

If you’re an agency, Elementor can save you considerable time, money and frustration while keeping your clients happy. It is truly a comprehensive solution for almost any website.

Is there a learning curve? Sure, but it’s not steep. Elementor has excellent documentation and video tutorials to make the switch easy. Depending on your needs, you may find you only need to use a small number of features so don’t be intimidated by how powerful it is. In fact, if you have a web developer with Elementor experience, they should be able to set it up correctly and teach you only what you need to know to effectively manage your site.

Now you’ve probably noticed we’ve mentioned the Pro version a few times. Yes, there’s a free version, but we recommend going with the Pro version to truly get the features you’ll need. As of this writing, it’s only $49/year (with discounted renewals) and absolutely worth it.

Let’s say you’ve purchased the Pro version, built a beautiful site with Elementor, but still need a bit more functionality? Don’t fret. There are third-party plugins that extend the number of Elementor widgets (and therefore functionality) so it’s likely you’ll find something for all your needs. Besides, Elementor is compatible with almost all plugins whether or not they were made for it.

Still have questions about Elementor? Drop us a line.

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