What is Widget Context for WordPress?

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Widget Context can show or hide widgets depending on the page that is being viewed.

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Initial Configuration

Appearance > Widget Context

Default settings work well.


Widget Context settingsWithin every widget you use in Appearance > Widgets, you’ll see a section called Widget Context where you can control areas where the widget is visible or hidden.

  1. Start by choosing a visibility option. Show widget everywhere and Hide widget everywhere are self-explanatory. Just hit the widget’s Save button after your choice.
  2. If you choose one of the other two options, you’ll see more settings appear.
    • Custom Post Types and Taxonomies: if you have custom post types or taxonomies, you can target them as well.
    • Global Sections: you can hide the widget or make it visible according to the type of page or post.
    • Word Count: target a page/post by the number of words it contains.
    • Target by URL: target a page/post by its slug. Useful if you want to target a specific page/post, or a parent and its child pages using the (*) wildcard. For example, the following targets the Company page (http://www.example.com/company/) and all its child pages:
    • Exclude by URL: same as Target by URL but it excludes the widget on these URLs.
    • Notes: comments for admins and only visible in the backend.
  3. Click the Save button after any changes.

Need assistance installing and configuring this plugin? Contact us. We’re here to help.

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