WordPress Updates: Manual versus Automated

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Tasks are increasingly automated in today’s digital landscape, yet automation, much like the touted promise of AI, sometimes falls short of expectations. Need a professional email drafted? ChatGPT can work wonders. However, blindly sending its output without proofreading would be a risky move. In essence, many tasks remain partially automated, requiring human oversight.

This sentiment extends to certain responsibilities tied to WordPress websites. For a while now, WordPress has offered automated plugin updates. In theory, it’s simple and effective. Just log into the backend of your website, go to the Plugins section, and enable auto-updates for all your plugins. In practice, however, there are problems with this approach. First of all, not all plugins have that feature. And sometimes they may say they do, but they fail to auto-update when new features or security patches are available. On occasion, they may break your website and you’ll have no idea until a week and twenty lost leads later. So you end up having to remember to log in regularly to update software manually, all amid managing a business.

But it doesn’t stop there. Did you remember to make a backup before doing updates? Do you even have a backup solution in place? After updates, did you check the frontend to make sure nothing broke? Did you remember to test your form to make sure it’s still working and you’re still getting notifications? Did you test an order from your online store? Did you check your SEO plugin and confirm that there are no issues with search engines indexing your site? Did you optimize your database for better performance?

You may be wondering why updates are important or even necessary if your website is currently working just fine. Reason being WordPress plugin and theme security vulnerabilities are the biggest reason websites are hacked. So if WordPress software updates aren’t high on your priority list, you may be in for a nasty surprise when you lose traffic because your potential customers are getting redirected to a malicious website.

Protect your online presence and business reputation by prioritizing regular WordPress updates or seeking expert assistance. Explore our WordPress Maintenance Plans for peace of mind and safeguard your digital assets.

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